Radical project aiming to halve P&A time, cost and environmental footprint

The Challenge

Despite the uncertainty around the future of the Oil and Gas industry, one thing is clear: Oil and gas companies across the world are legally required to remove their facilities, post-production. As a result, literally millions of oil and gas wells across the globe will need to be plugged and abandoned over the coming decades. 

 In Norway alone, a recent study estimated the cost for plugging all the wells on the Norwegian Continental Shelf at over 800 billion Norwegian Kroner. 

Our Goal

The Go Radical P&A project has one fundamental goal: Delivering radically new technical solutions that will enable a step change reduction (>50%) in the environmental footprint and cost to perform the P&A of oil and gas wells worldwide, while ensuring the prevention of longer-term leakage from abandoned wells. 

 We realize this to be an extremely ambitious goal, and this is why we plan to collaborate with radical thinkers from multiple sectors on a global scale.

What are we looking for?

The Go Radical P&A team are looking for partners to develop radical solutions that will enable a step change improvement in well plugging operations. Typical focus areas are wellbore access techniques, barrier/plugging solutions, barrier placement techniques, barrier verification techniques and relevant operational services. 

The project is adopting the Norwegian oil company Equinor's business improvement process "Go Radical" with the aim of driving radical thinking to deliver radical solutions.

A Toolbox of Radical Solutions

We anticipate that the practical solution will take the form of a "toolbox" of solutions whereby any  plugging project could select the relevant "tools" to support their specific project. 

We believe in the concept of some form of partnership, comprising several technical solutions and operational service providers, that would work together collaboratively to deliver a package / toolbox of solutions and services for future plugging operations.


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Earlier information from the GRaPA project has outlined our goal of identifying new radical technical solutions that might enable a paradigm change in P&A methodology. In an effort to focus more on specific targeted solutions, we have developed a process flow for P&A planning and execution defining seven discreet "buckets" defining challenge...

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