Go Radical P&A Project Update


The GRaPA project has been up and running for four months and the team is starting to see real progress. Discussions during numerous meetings with technology suppliers, Oil and Gas operating companies, and other collaborative organizations has confirmed real interest and enormous potential for the GRaPA project. To date, most of our discussions have been with Oil and Gas centric organizations. We are working hard to market the project to a broader audience outside Norway and outside the Oil and Gas industry and we would be very grateful for introductions to any more diverse organizations which may have potential relevance to the GRaPA project. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

An excellent example of global interest in the GRaPA project is our development of a formal collaborative partnership with The Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA). Francis Norman, the CEO of CODA, recently visited Stavanger and spent time with the GRaPA identifying opportunities for the two organizations to work together. It is believed that this relationship will give GRaPA better access to the Asia Pacific technology development market while creating access to Radical P&A solutions to the Australian Decommissioning market.

More to come! Watch this space!!

Dave Gardner (GRaPA), Francis Norman (CODA), Tim Croucher (GRaPA)
Dave Gardner (GRaPA), Francis Norman (CODA), Tim Croucher (GRaPA)